Where do Fleas live Outside?

Fleas are a common name for wingless insects, living upon the blood of mammals and birds. And if you are raising your own pets at home, you might well put an effort into finding where do fleas live outside of your house. This is crucial because fleas feed on a large number of warm-blooded animals, therefore, easily carrying diseases to their hosts or fleas causing embarrassment with their bites.

where do fleas live outside

Yard and Lawns

It’s good to know that fleas thrive in the humid and shady areas without too much water. Continue reading “Where do Fleas live Outside?”

Why does my Dog Fart so Much and How to Treat it?

Dogs are among the most favorite and popular pets an owner could have. However, it is pretty awkward if your dog farts so much and you might wonder why he does that. Maybe because swallowed air if not burped up has to come out of his body. When it happens too often, you definitely find some ways to stop him from farting all the time.

Why does my Dog Fart so Much - Have Gas?

Dog Farts Too Much Might Cause Discomfort to His Owner

The Normal Farting

It is embarrassing that dogs or any other pets fart sometimes. It is a natural part of normal digestion process. It happens when the digested food inside your dog’s intestines has not decomposed properly. This shortage of full digestion can lead to a creation of gases, most of which are absorbed by blood. The rest of undigested gas changes into flatulence. However, excessive farting somehow drains the consistence of all the caring and understanding dog owners. Continue reading “Why does my Dog Fart so Much and How to Treat it?”

What is a DHPP Vaccine for Dogs?

Dogs as wells as any other pets need protection as much as humans do. The problem is that only thorough care takers of them take appropriate account of how to keep their pets from any risks or dangers. As a pet owner, you surely wish to know inside out some vaccines to protect your dogs from any ‘invaders’. Among popular types is DHPP vaccine for Dogs which is a must for any beloved pooch.

What is a DHPP Vaccine for Dogs

Your Dog Really Needs Vaccines to Protect Himself from Diseases and Viruses

What is DHPP Vaccine for Dogs in General?

DHPP, or commonly called the canine distemper vaccine, is a multivalent vaccine for dogs that helps protect against the viruses. DHPP is the most popular combination vaccine to fight back the following diseases or viruses which are all listed as the detailed names of the vaccine.  DHPP stands for Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvovirus and Parainfluenza. To be more specific, Continue reading “What is a DHPP Vaccine for Dogs?”

How to Treat Flea Bites on Dogs?

Dogs as well as humans must find it extremely uncomfortable to have flea bites on their bodies. Moreover, if your pets, especially dogs, have fleas, then you probably are suffering from them too. The reason is that your dogs might well run into very nook and cranny of your house, plus exposing to you yourself through embracing, licking or any other tender caring actions.

It is good to know how to recognize the symptoms and the treatment of flea bites on dogs. Continue reading “How to Treat Flea Bites on Dogs?”